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CTR (Crash Team Racing) goes NASCAR.
Crash welcomes E3's return to Los Angeles in 1999.
Huge inflated characters greet visitors to Sony's E3 '99 booth.
Four E3's, four Crash games. CTR (Crash Team Racing) enjoyed front-row-center attention at Sony's E3 '99 booth.
Crash races to the front of the CTR booth.
Cortex pushes his kart over the edge of the booth.
Coco took a wrong turn somewhere.
For the third E3 in a row, a real-time interactive Crash entertained show attendees.
Crash's inflated ego greets party-goers at Sony's ultra-exclusive E3 bash.
The Japanese Crash Bandicoot arrives at Los Angeles International Airport.
Crash drops by the new Naughty Dog office to hang with Jason and Andy. Here they check out the latest issues of Coro Coro.
Andy poses for a shot while Crash plays with his doll.
This Crash has very expressive eyes.
Megumi Hosoya, marketing genius, created the Crash Dance for Crash 1's TV ads in Japan. The success of that campaign influenced Naughty Dog to incorporate the dance into Crash 2 and Warped.
After his visit with the Naughty Dogs, Crash heads up to Hollywood.
A trip to Hollywood wouldn't be complete without a visit to Universal Studios.
Universal's Crash finally meets his Japanese counterpart.
In a friendly gesture, they exchange fruit.
After their brief cultural exchange, they break into the Crash Dance.
Crash heads over to Catalina to get wet and wild on a jet ski.
Where's Coco? She's missing out on all the fun!
Say, that's a nice bike.
Crash takes off across the desert with his newfound love, the motorcycle that is.
Crash gets pulled over by an officer, only to discover he's one of his biggest fans.
Crash gets away clean.
Crash's desert journey ends at the Las Vegas Strip. Where else can a bandicoot travel from New York... an Egyptian Pyramid... a Medieval Castle within in a single day.
Having enjoyed his American vacation, the Japanese Crash catches a flight home.
Two large monitors greeted visitors to Sony's 1998 E3 booth.
Crash Bandicoot: Warped occupied a large corner of Sony's booth.
The Crash area of 1998's E3 booth was water-themed, complete with caustic lighting and Roman-esque ruins.
In Japan, Parappa and Crash appeared in many ads together including these Christmas themed postcards.
Another Christmas themed postcard.
The Crash Bandicoot 2 booth at 1997's E3 was modeled after the game's warp rooms.
Sony's 1997 E3 bash was even cooler on the inside.
Jason Rubin accepts the "Gold Prize" at Sony's '97 PlayStation Awards. The award acknowledges Crash Bandicoot's top ten sales success in Japan. The award is for sales of 500,000 units or more in Japan, not for 10 sales.
The Crash walker at Universal Studios Florida shown here warning visitors to avoid the chili dogs.
"Resistance is will be assimilated," preaches Mr. Iwasaki, our Star Trek obsessed artist.
Cover to the Crash hint guide for Japan. Note the subtle differences in the Japanese Crash. For example, he doesn't look like the American Crash.
A map of Crash's world recently surfaced in Japan.
Crash flying through the air, used on the Crash 2 box in Japan.
This is the official Japanese translation of the Crash Bandicoot 2 logo. Pretty cool, huh?
"Crash Dancing" is one of Japan's hottest-selling excercise videos. Why this never caught on in the United States continues to mystify us.
Naughty Dog's own Evan Wells stops to pose with the star of "Crash Dancing."
Coro Coro Manga title page. This magazine is read by millions of Japanese school children monthly.
A postcard promoting the original Crash game in Europe.
These posters were posted around Europe.
This European promotional item is a bit questionable.
Sony's presence at the 1996 Electronic Entertainment Expo was anchored by a then little known orange marsupial named Crash.
E3 '96 had the most impressive Crash display. We'll never forget the rush we got from seeing our work displayed on the wall of monitors.
Andy and Jason pause for a photo op under the E3 '96 Crash display.
Miyamoto-san checks out Crash Bandicoot at E3 '96. Also in the photo, Kutaragi-san, President of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Mark Cerny, President of Universal Interactive, and Andy Gavin, your favorite Naughty Dog programmer.
Miyamoto-san checks out Crash's water effect. Naughty Dog's job offer was taken seriously, but was eventually rejected.
Shortly after moving Naughty Dog on to the Universal Studios backlot, Morgan, Jason, and Andy hang out on a movie set not fully aware of what would become of their next project.

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