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"Crash Sketch 1" Main Character Emotion Sketch
Naughty Dog wanted Crash to be multi-dimensional in gameplay as well as character depth. Crash is not a character based around one attribute: "Fast," "Cute," or the like. He has feelings and emotions.
(AE) (P&P)
"Crash Sketch 2" Main Character Emotion Sketch
There is at least one place in the game where each of these emotions, as well as dozens more, are expressed.
(AE) (P&P)
"Crash Sketch 3" Main Character Emotion Sketch
The player should feel for the main character and understand his emotions, not simply guide him through a maze.
(AE) (P&P)
"Crash Sketch 4" Main Character Emotion Sketch
Crash tends to do this when you're not looking.
(AE) (P&P)
"Early Crash" Main Character Exploration
We call this one "El Macho Baron." Nobody remembers why. We do remember liking the attitude, and the snowboarders stance. You can really see the final Crash starting to take shape in this guy.
(AE) (P&P)
"Early Crash" Main Character Exploration
Who could have liked this overweight, chestheavy dork. We did! This pre-Crash sketch introducted the "big eyes and a mohawk" look that the final Crash kept. Naughty Dog called this dude "Sonic's fat squirrel cousin."
(AE) (P&P)
"Early Crash" Main Character Exploration
Now, for the first time, public display of what Crash -- LUCKILY -- didn't look like. Very early, and very ugly. Those are the only words we can think of to describe this little pre-Crash. We refered to him as "the one you want to hit."
(AE) (P&P)
"Dr. Neo Cortex" Boss Character Sketch
We envisioned Dr. N. Cortex as a madman...literally.
(AE) (P&P)
"More Dr. Neo Cortex" Boss Character Sketch
The doctor is in.
(AE) (P&P)
"Dr. Nitrus Brio" Boss Character Sketch
Dr. N. Brio is a foil for Dr. Cortex. Meek to Cortex's strength, logical to Cortex's emotional, successful (his inventions work) to Cortex's failure.
(AE) (P&P)
"Brio Monster" Boss Character Sketch
Proof of N. Brio's genius: a potion powerful enough to change the fretful doctor into this beast.
(AE) (P&P)
"Ripper Roo" Boss Character Sketch
The first of Dr. Cortex's subjects, Ripper Roo was also his least successful. Ripper Roo's character was created to show the dangers of the Cortex a humorous way. He also provided a great opportunity to use overlapping action in animation.
(AE) (P&P)
"Pinstripe Potoroo" Boss Character Sketch
Mr. Mafia...almost. More like the godfather crossed with a bologna sandwich: looks the part, but lacks real meat. Pinstripe was designed shortly after catching the Godfather on cable.
(AE) (P&P)
"Koala Kong" Boss Character Sketch
A tiny little cute, innocent, lovable koala...after 40 cycles of steroids taken at once. We couldn't resist.
(AE) (P&P)
"Papu Papu" Boss Character Sketch
Papu Papu is the chief of the local tribe of native islanders. He is totally unconcerned with the events surrounding his village. But don't wake him up. Papu Papu was designed so that we could animate jiggling fat, something that interested us on an intellectual, spiritual, and base humor level.
(AE) (P&P)
"Tawna" Supporting Character Sketch
This image of Tawna was later scaled back for...politically now...aesthetic reasons. The original idea: Pamela Anderson with a brain. Cool, huh? We thought so, too.
(AE) (P&P)
"More Tawna" Supporting Character Sketch
We thought you'd like another dose of the good stuff.
(AE) (P&P)
"Monkey" Supporting Character Sketch
Even supporting characters were designed on paper before they went to computer.
(AE) (P&P)
"Warthog" Supporting Character Sketch
Crash's friend the warthog is far less menacing than most of the other island denizens.
(AE) (P&P)
"Lab Assistant" Supporting Character Sketch
Ever wonder who those dudes are who sign on to staff the mad scientists' lairs in James Bond movies? Wanted: morally lost idiot who has no family to miss and aspires to serve megalomaniacal master bent on world domination. First to die in trouble. No escape pod provided. This guy applies for the job.
(AE) (P&P)

    (ND) Naughty Dog: Art done by Charlotte Francis, Bob Rafei, Jason Rubin, or another Naughty Dog...but never a programmer...we promise.
    (AE) American Exitus: Sketches done by Charles Zembillas and Joe Pearson, professional cartoon designers that worked with us to design the characters, backgrounds, and atmosphere of Crash.
    (UCS) Universal Cartoon Studios

    (P&P) Pencil, Pen, and Paper
    (Maya) Alias | Wavefront Maya on SGI or NT
    (PA) Alias | Wavefront PowerAnimator on SGI
    (Acr) Acrylics Paints
    (G) Gouache
    (PS) Photoshop on the Macintosh
    (NPS) Naughty Dog's Proprietary Renderer
    (SGI) game backgrounds grabbed from SGI version of Crash Bandicoot


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