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C R A S H   B A N D I C O O T   2   :   C O R T E X   S T R I K E S   B A C K
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"Finally, Some Rest" Hint Guide Artwork
After two and a half full years of production on Crash 1 and Crash 2, Naughty Dog took a well deserved six week vacation. This was the last artwork done before the office was vacated. It was commissioned for Dimension Publishing's Official Crash 2 Hint Guide.
(ND) (PA, PS)
"Tiny Tiger" Production Painting
The GameFan cover. Basically unmodified for the shelf.
(ND) (PA, PS)
"Dr. N-Gin" Production Painting
This image was never used as a cover, but it did appear inside an issue of Game Pro as a lead in to their strategy guide.
(ND) (PA, PS)
"SpaceTube" Production Painting
This image was chosen by Game Informer for a cover. As is customary with these images, the background was rendered from the actual textures and geometry used in the game.
(ND) (PA, PS)
"Flipping Out" Production Painting
Naughty Dog thought that it would be cool to create a magazine cover with an inverted main character. The Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine didn't agree... they flipped it back.
(ND) (PA, PS)
"World Map" Production Painting
This image took forever. Charlotte worked on the islands for weeks. This image is almost entirely Photoshop work, with the exception of the space station in the upper left corner. There is a 500 piece puzzle of this image on sale in Japan. To remind her of how hard it was to do this image, Charlotte often puts the puzzle together with her eyes closed.
(ND) (PS, PA)

    (ND) Naughty Dog: Art done by Bob Rafei, Eric Iwasaki, Erick Pangilinan, Charlotte Francis, Jason Rubin, or another Naughty Dog...but never a programmer...we promise.
    (AE) American Exitus: Sketches done by Charles Zembillas and Joe Pearson, professional cartoon designers that worked with us to design the characters, backgrounds, and atmosphere of Crash.
    (UCS) Universal Cartoon Studios

    (P&P) Pencil, Pen, and Paper
    (Maya) Alias | Wavefront Maya on SGI or NT
    (PA) Alias | Wavefront PowerAnimator on SGI
    (Acr) Acrylics Paints
    (G) Gouache
    (PS) Photoshop on the Macintosh
    (NPS) Naughty Dog's Proprietary Renderer
    (SGI) game backgrounds grabbed from SGI version of Crash Bandicoot


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